Status of Financial Devolution to PRI in Gujarat Some Observations from Outlay and Expenditure
Municipalities finance in Gujarat some issues before the state's 3rd Finance Commission
Budgeting for Fast Track Court for Rape visctims
Budget Training Registration form in English
Budget Training Registration form in Gujarati
Status on SCP IN Gujarat
Irrigation budget and Irrigation outlay for Tribal Areas in Gujarat
Budget for Adivasis during X&XI Five year plan
Suggestions Tribal Development
Suggestions for Union Budget & Budget in Brief: Gujarat State (Gujarati edition)
Budget outlay for
protection of worker rights in India
Budget outlay for un-organised sector's worker in various states of India
Forest, Environment and Budget - Public Finance
Transparency in Gujarat Budget
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To ensure social justice and development, and to foster debates over financial allocations of the government for the poor and marginalized communities through, Empowerment, Capacity building, Budget Research and advocacy process for transparent, accountable governance
Creating multiple centers for Demystifying state budgets to facilitate understanding of public finance from the perspective of vulnerable section of society like (Adivasi, Dalits, women and children and disadvantageous communities.) and facilitate advocacy process for right based policy by sharing research knowledge, capacity building of people for seeking accountable governance.
Budget Research
and Advocacy
Budget Work with Elected Members
Training & Capacity Building Activities
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